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Lovely and natural

Love my new hair, looks absolutely lovely and very natural! My own hair was so thin I was forever trying to cover the bald bits. Now it looks perfect everyday. My only regret is that I never knew about the product years ago. Totally worth the money to give you confidence. I wear mine everyday and now would never go out without it. It's so light you don't even feel it. Never going to have a bad hair day again! Highly recommended.

MariaVerified Purchase 7-9" Topper

Having top Secret Hair in my life has been nothing but a dream!

The first time I met Denise I felt so blessed that I had come into contact with someone who was genuinely beautiful on the inside and out. She makes you feel like you are her only client. I have heard her with other clients before my appointments, and she is just as welcoming and selfless with everyone (which is so good, cause a lot of woman feel so vulnerable about their hair, Everyone has a story, and everyone should be so blessed to have someone like Denise cater to their insecurities....) When I first met her I was trying to grow out a terrible haircut and perm on top of color/highlights, and was feeling so insecure about the quality of my hair. I am an actress full time, and often our hair gets put through the ringer... I've had every type of extension, from micro beads, tape, keratin bonds, clip ons, weaves and wigs. Nothing comes close to Top Secret hair. I know the name is called Top Secret because no one can tell you have it on your head, but it should also be called Top Secret because for 15 years I have been searching for the right hair and FINALLY I have found it. It feels SO light on your head, It looks so natural, and you get to be out in the world and just feel FABULOUS without any pain. Everyday is a GREAT hair day!

I am forever grateful that Denise, and her BRILLIANT hair, has come into my life. She is truly an artist, Thank you Denise.

Dana D.

I cannot put a price tag on what the Top Secret hair piece has given me...

I am a 28 year old girl who got engaged in Belize last August. 7 days after returning from our amazing engagement trip I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm which sent me straight to the ICU for 8 days. After having 3 procedures done in the hospital including brain surgery where the front portion of my head was shaved bald I was able to begin the recovery process at home. 4 months later my strength was back but my neurosurgeon was watching a spot on my head that was not healing properly. On Christmas Eve 2012 he told me that he needed to operate again. My bone flap was infected and it had to be removed immediately. The day after Christmas at 5:30am I had a second surgery which left me with a rather large and unsightly dent from the right center of my forehead to about the middle of my head.

The wedding was still on in my eyes! I just needed to find a wig or some alternative for the event. I wanted to feel most like myself on my wedding day, hair and all! My mother and I went full wig shopping some but it left me a little defeated. The wigs were nice but the synthetic hair allowed for less than ideal options for styling my hair. They were hot, itchy and when I looked in the mirror I didn't see myself. It was a couple of weeks later when Dee introduced me to your hair pieces. I immediately knew this was going to be it! The real hair was very soft and light to the touch and I could wear it any way I wanted!! It clipped in right with even the small hair growth that was returning. Dee cut some bangs on the piece that swept over the dent making it disappear before my eyes. I felt like me again. I cannot wait to wear my hairpiece down the aisle and feel whole again :)

Not only will the hair piece give me beauty and confidence again on my wedding day but I will be wearing it for many years to come!  I have attached 2 pictures if you would like to use them with the testimonial. If you would like me to take a before and after picture when I am wearing the same outfit that is not a problem either! These pictures were taken on different days.

Thanks again for your wonderful product! It is so much more than hair to me :)

Elissa Rife


I am so happy with my hair piece!

I just had to write to tell you that I am so happy with my hair piece. I had the 10-12" #5 colored and cut at Avanti Spa Salon in Manalapan, NJ on Saturday. Patty did an excellent job!

I am 52 years old and for all of my life I was so self-conscious about my thin, baby fine hair. As I hit my 40s, it got even thinner, so much so that you could see my scalp. Well, thanks to your "secret" piece, I feel amazing. I happened to have a family party to go to right after my appointment. Only my mother and kids knew that I was getting the piece. Everyone else thought I just colored my hair and loved it. My son called me his "NEW" mother :).

The big test was going to work today. I was really nervous. Well, I got lots of compliments -- "the color looks great, "you look younger", "wow, your hair looks so much fuller, healthy and perky!" No one guessed my Secret.  Finding your company on the internet has changed my life!


No one can tell...

I've got a Secret!

Wynonna Judd

This is the best hair piece ever!

WE LOVE Top Secret!!! And so do all our clients!!! And NO one can ever tell we wear them!!!

From the bottom of my heart...

I just wanted to say something: I'm about to order another Top Secret hair piece after 1 1/2 years, because I've worn mine out!!! I am 29 years old and have had a major problem with hair loss for the past 15 years. Medically unknown why, but major trauma in my life. I discovered your product 1 1/2 years ago, and it is sooo real, my own family doesn't know I use it!

I love your product so much, I would recommend or sell it to anyone. Not, only does it fix my thinning, or more than thinning areas, it makes my hair look BETTER than everyone elses! I have worn it all the time for over a year. But, this is what I have to do right now, to cover my secret of not having very much hair. (I have barely any hair in frontal area, and have found a way to cover it ). I am so grateful to be able to wear your product, and not yet have to wear a full blown wig. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I am ordering a new one for my second wedding!


Top Secret transformed my hair

What a difference Top Secret has made in my life. As I age, my hair is getting thinner and Top Secret has transformed my hair, adding the thickness I need to have, "easy to style" hair and lots of compliments.  Thank you for giving me the extra confidence I needed!


No one knows it's not my hair!

I have had a Top Secret Haircessory for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. After chemotherapy for breast cancer, all my hair did not come back. I was so self conscious, I couldn’t bear to go inside a store without a hat. My hairdresser, Raeanna Nolen, showed me one of the pieces and I was hooked. She ordered the piece for me and colored it to match my hair. No one knows it’s not my hair unless I tell them! Now I’m thinking about purchasing another one at a longer length. If I can’t have my real hair, I can have the next best thing. And the best part is that I never have a bad hair day. It always looks great and it makes me feel great about my appearance. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Elaine Smith

This hairpiece is so light to wear...

Hi Denise. I met you along with my daughter at the New York show in April. You were so gracious to fix my hair after I had gotten permanent extensions…well the extensions are out and I LOVE the piece you selected for me!!!  SO much better than permanent! I wear it every day - it's just great. I could never style the back of my hair and now with the shag I always look neat. It is so light to wear and the color is perfect. I have also referred your site to some of my friends. Best of luck to you and much success. Your product is just great!


I never have a bad hair day

Never knew hair could cause such a sensation. Never felt sexier, thanks to Top Secret and Denise!

Ninette DaSilva