Product Secrets

Listed here are a few guidelines and facts that you should know in order to make your pieces look as natural and feel as comfortable as possible.

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to get some more our of secrets.

When putting on Top Secret:

  • Make sure that you have determined the front of the hairpiece before trying it on, as it will affect the style if not worn properly. Finding the front of your Top Secret is easy - turn your piece over and look for a very light under-stitch that outlines one side of the micro-mesh base. That is the front of the hairpiece and the part that you clip close to your facial hairline.
  • Determine where the front clip will be placed first and secure the piece using that clip, then proceed to let the clips on either side lightly scrape up against your scalp and secure both sides of the hair piece. Lastly and to properly secure the hairpiece, clip the last clip on the back of the head.
  • If you are using the extension clips, section off the hair, parting it 1-1/2 inches above the ear, all the way around the head. Place the extension slightly below the line, as to not create a bubble, secure extension with the easy four-clip attachment system.
  • If clipping two extension pieces in, follow the instructions above then re-part the hair about a 1/2 inch above the first one and proceed to clip in the second extension.
  • Top Secret's little secret: If you have extremely fine hair, before clipping the extension in, tease a small section of hair where the clip is going to be clipped in, that will insure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • When washing these pieces, please use professional care products like the products we offer to keep the hair luxurious, soft, and lasting a lifetime.
  • Top Secret Haircessory may be washed just as if it was your own hair. Simply unclip the extension or top piece and make certain that you snap all of the clips closed before you get it wet so it does not snag the hair. Run water through the piece, shampoo, rinse, and then condition.
  • Other styling products you normally use may be used on the piece to style as necessary.
  • Top Secret pieces can be colored to achieve a perfect match to your existing color or even to create a new look. We STRONGLY suggest that you DO NOT bleach or lighten the hair. If you must use color, LOW LITE the hair with semi-permanent color or demi-permanent with 10 Volume peroxide only (ask your stylist). This hair is beautiful and luxurious and the last thing that you would want to do is damage it! Each individual hair is hand-tied one hair at a time and you do not want to risk breaking the delicate knot at the base.
  • When styling the piece after regular washes, we suggest pinning the extension clip or top piece to a velvet block Styrofoam head, then proceed to blow dry, and then use any heat styling product, such as heat rollers, flat irons or curling irons. The hair may also left out to dry naturally; all of our hair has a natural and beautiful body wave to it.
  • When not wearing your piece, we recommend storing it pinned to a doll head or Styrofoam head, so as not to disturb the style that has been set. If you would like to purchase a Velvet Block Head  from Top Secret, please call us at: 844-556-8111.