Full Frontal

  • Top Secret Hair pieces are made with 100% real human hair and hand-tied, one hair at a time onto a revolutionary and ventilated micromesh base. 

    This Hairpiece was designed for individuals with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia which refers to the receeding hairline in woman and is a form of scarring Alopecia. This is a condition where womens hairline creates a band like pattern of hairloss on the Sides and frontal hairline. 

    This hairpiece works much like a Frontotemporal headband with an adjustable band that provides a secure fit. Clips may be sewn on the sides or top or Double sided tape can be used for a more durable fit.

    To get the best color match, hold up lightest color in your hair to the color swatch. All Top Secret Haircessory pieces are customizable to ensure the piece is always a perfect match to your own style and look.They may be darkened or toned with a gentle low volume deposit only. Bleach is not recommended as it may cause the hair to break off the base.


    * Each piece can be cut to frame your face or to your desired length.