Frequently Asked Questions

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Care and Maintenance:

● How often does the hair piece need to be washed?

If you wear your hair piece everyday then it should be washed once a month. If you only wear your piece from time to time then it should be washed every two to three months.

● How do I attach the piece to the blockhead?

Using our pearl pins, place a pin on either side of the clips right along the stitch of the hair piece in a slight diagonal and push down. 4-6 slips is all that is needed.

● How often do the clips need to be replaced?

The hair clips only need to be replaced once they break or the small rubber covering on the comb have fallen off.

● Do you have to use the Top Secret Shampoo and Treatment?

It is recommended that clients use our use our shampoo and treatment as they were specifically formulated to be used with our hair pieces. They are sulfate free and have natural oils, such as coconut and avocado.

● What products can be used on the piece if it is losing its shine?

In order to prevent loss of shine from the beginning we recommend using our shampoo and conditioners with natural oils and extracts such as Coconut and Avocado oils. Products containing silicone and dimethicone used in combination with our Top Secret Shampoo and Treatment can help restore some of the shine and luster to your hair piece.

● Can more hair be added to my piece?

We can definitely add more hair to the pieces if needed. You will need to send the piece back to us for an evaluation. We will call you back with a quote before we send it to our ventilator. Please call or email us for more information.

General Information:

● How long does the hair piece last?

Depending on how well you care for it and how often you are using the piece it can last anywhere between 6 months to a year. We recommend our shampoo and treatment to prolong the shine and luster of the piece. Highlighted hair pieces will last less time due to the bleach used to

color the hair.

● How are the pieces made?

All of our hair pieces are hand tied one strand at a time providing the hair piece with a natural look and movement and at the same time allowing you to style and part the hair as you would

your own hair.

● Where does the hair come from?

Our pieces are made with 100% European hair. The only exception are pieces with that are partially or fully white. The white hair is Yak Hair. 

● What is yak hair?

Yak hair is harvested from a Yak, an ox-like mammal native to parts of Asia. The hair of the yak is structurally similar to human hair and can be styled and treated as human hair. 

● What if what I ordered doesn’t look how I thought it would?

We would be happy to accept the piece back for an exchange or return, within 15 days of delivery, provided that the piece has not been altered or worn. Please be advise that a 20% restocking fee will apply to all returns.

● Why does my new piece look different than the ones I have ordered before?

As all of our pieces are handmade from start to finish there can be a slight variation on the color. You should also keep in mind that the color of your previous piece may have oxidized, the sun and many other factors cause the color and shine to fade a bit over time.

● There isn’t a Top Secret Salon near me how can I talk to someone to help me select a piece?

You can email pictures of yourself to us and one of our qualified hairdressers will help you select the right style and color for you. For the best result make sure your pictures:

1. Are taken from the front, back and both sides of your hair

2. Match your hair color, lighting can affect the look of your color make sure what you

sends us looks like your hair.

3. Are taken from at least an arm's lengths distance.

You can also set up an appointment with us to have a consultation via skype or facetime.

● Do you offer a discount to Professionals

We do offer professional pricing for more information please call or email us.


● Can the piece be bleached?

Since it could break the hair and cause it to become mushy we highly recommend that the hairpieces not be bleached.

● I have curly hair; do you have pieces that I can use?

Our pieces can be set to curls to your size of curl or permed as long as the color is not higher than a level 7.

Fit and Comfort:

● How do I put on the piece?

You snap it on from the front work your way to the sides and end with clipping it on in the back. Your hair piece should be clipped on two inches away from you hair line.

● I want my piece to look natural; will your pieces make me look like I’m wearing a wig?

You definitely cannot tell that you are wearing a Top Secret. Our pieces are designed blend in with you hair and look 100% natural.

● How do I know what part of piece is the front?

Our name is stamped on the back of the hair piece the front has no writing and a very slight understitching.

● The piece is pulling on my hair and making it come out, what can I do?

Our clips are made to avoid any hair pulling, if you feel the piece is pulling on your hair you need to readjust the clips. If you have properly secured the piece you should not feel any pulling and hardly notice that you are wearing anything.